Filling in personal details:

When you place your order, you must fill in your personal information which includes: First name, Last name, Street and number, Zip code, City, State, Cell phone number, Email and Credit card details.

Filling in the details correctly is critical for the order to reach its destination.

The provision of personal data by the customer is essential for making purchases on our site.

Without giving us the personal data, no purchases can be made on this site.

All our store users have the right to correct and delete their personal data.

Our store is committed to security and confidentiality when it comes to its customer data.

Shipping Cost:

Our company consists of several international clothing companies, where there are different prices for delivery prices.

Please note that there are discounts on combined shipping according to each company separately.

We promise to try to get you the cheapest shipping prices.

Please note:

Our company is not responsible for the payment of customs duty and tax, if these payments are made, the customer is responsible for paying them.

Tracking and Delivery Time:

For each new order, there is a packing time up to 5 business days by the company.

After this, the company undertakes to provide a tracking number.

Please note that the shipping time varies between each brand individually:

It is important to note that shipping is rarely delayed by the customs authority in the destination country.

In this case you can check your shipping status by tracking number.

If the shipment has not reached our destination, we will either undertake to send the same order to the customer or refund the full payment of that order.

Returns and Cancellation Orders Policy:

All the brands on our site accept returns:

  • The company returns the money only on the cost of the products purchased by the customer, no money is refunded on the shipment.
  • If the customer wants to return a full order or a partial order and the company policy allows this.
  • The return shipping cost is only by the customer, in this case please contact us and we will give you the address to return the order.
  • From the moment the customer places an order, an order is made to the production plant to send the order, the order can be canceled by sending a request on the website.
  • If the order is not sent, the customer will receive a full refund including cancellation fee on the shipment.