Popular Emo Style Prints

Emo style is usually known for combining a variety of prints. Most often this style combines prints of skulls, stripes, stars, monsters and more. Girls usually have prints with elements of ribbons and sometimes glitter as well. Boys usually have prints with elements of monochromatic colors with a number of different prints.

Steampunk in the Media

Movies with Steampunk subjects contain Steamboy, Wild Wild West, and Laputa: Castle in the Sky. The League of wonderful Gentlemen also has Steampunk influences, although the movie was seen by many as disappointment and the graphic novel of the same name is generally seen as superior. YouTube also has many short movies and Steampunk animations […]

Medieval Renaissance Clothing and the Birth of Fashion

The Medieval Renaissance clothing period took place from 1200 to 1550. At the starting of this period, clothing for both women and men was simple and basic with long-tunic style garments made of wool worn by both sexes. The tunic worn by men was generally belted and worn with a mantle or cape over-garment while […]

A Deeper Look at Medieval Renaissance Clothing

Renaissance clothing was among the fashion clothing that originated over the years. This clothing style was designed in a specific age and was worn by the people of that age. This clothing style was popular in many countries on the planet. Many changes were made in the Renaissance clothes by different producers of different periods. […]